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Leatt DBX 5.0 Helmet - Helme

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 The finest form of offroad safety you can indulge in! Leatt's DBX 5.0 Helmet is rich in both technology and performance for days spent shredding the trail, with comfort and breathability thrown in for free. The lid is incredibly lightweight to ensure speed is not compromised while the pioneering 360° Turbine Technology for concussion and brain rotation safety acts as a guardian angel should you suffer an unexpected fall from the bike. Offering unrivalled protection for those that love to kick up roost, the product is highly durable despite the lightweight craftsmanship and a reduced outer shell volume minimises forces transferred to the neck. Highly breathable, the DBX 5.0 ventilates at high speeds to maximise the flow of air around your head in order to reduce the build-up of sweat and odours. There is increased absorption and a reduction in G-forces thanks to the 3D in-moulded V-foam and the optimal neck brace compatibility allows for the helmet to be worn as part of a team. If the worst should happen, your DBX 5.0 Helmet's visor can be snapped off and the low friction cheek pads also have an emergency removal procedure. Key technology: 360° Turbine Technology: Up to 30% reduction of head impact at concussion level. Up to 40% reduction of rotational acceleration to head and brain. Improves multiple-impact protection Reduced Outer Shell Volume: A smaller helmet shell reduces force transferred to the neck. A 10% smaller shell transfers up to 20% less rotational force to the head & brain 3D In-Moulded V-Foam: Multi-density V-shaped impact foam moulded to the outer shell. Significantly reduces G-force transferred to the head & brain. Increased absorption, slimmer and stiffer structure than normal helmet foam Optimal Neck Brace Compatibility: Specially designed helmet features and shape to take full advantage of the Leatt neck brace design. Rear hyperextension impact platform with neck brace optimised shape Quattro Force Control: Carbon matrix reduced outer volume shell. 3D in-moulded V-Foam for maximum energy absorption. 360° Turbine Technology for concussion level impact protection. 360° Turbine Technology for reduction of rotational acceleration

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