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Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Imp. - Kamerahalterungen

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Universal Smartphone Compatibility Joby’s GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Imp comes with universal smartphone compatibility with a spring loaded design that provides a quick and easy grip and release of phones from 56mm to 91mm. This includes models such as the iPhone SE/7/7Plus, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy series. Magnetic Feet Using rare earth magnets integrated into the feet the tripod will stick tightly to most metallic surfaces providing a wide variety of secure placement options. GorillaPod Using Joby’s unique design of flexible tripod arms the mount can be positioned in whatever position best suits the kind of shot you need. The legs can be held together to help you vlog and take the perfect selfies or the arms can be wrapped round objects for a secure hold. Remote Control The included Bluetooth remote lets you trigger your camera, start and stop video recording from up to 90 feet away giving you the full control you need.

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