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IXS Flow Zip Knee Guard - Knieprotektoren

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Fitting effortlessly to your knee when exploring everything the trail has to offer, IXS’ Flow Zip Knee Guard provides lightweight protection so thin you barely recognise its there. Making the most of an elastic zip that can adjust its sitting easily this armour can be easily adjusted and improves comfort throughout your session. Providing the ultimate experience on the beaten path, the Flow Zip Knee Guard is extremely comfortable and perfect for rides that keep you in the saddle morning, noon and night. Boasting expert input from the legendary Hans Rey they offer unrivalled protection when kicking up roost and the extremely thin look means they can be worn easily under your favourite baggies. Incredibly durable, the Flow Zip Knee Guard has a rebound foam padding to absorb impacts and the open cell foam compound ensures your joints stay safe should you suffer an unexpected fall from the bike. Should you be an offroad rider who loves exploding into berms and kickers, the knee guards are highly breathable to ensure sweat doesn’t get the better of your ride. An Aeromesh improves moisture wicking to eliminate odours and the ergonomic design maximises safety with minimal volume. Your guardian angel on the trail, IXS’ Flow Zip Knee Guards are a must for offroad shredders who love to ride aggressively.

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